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QuickBooks Event Log Error 4

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QuickBooks is known to be one of the better accounting and bookkeeping applications all over the world. It comes down filled with many features that helps in managing finances and ensures smooth business transition. This is the reason many small and medium companies rely on this application to control their finances. The good thing is that each year a unique form of the program is launched with new and improved features.

Despite the fact that QuickBooks has its own benefits, its users every so often do face issues, as all things considered it is an application. A really common error could be the QuickBooks Event Log Error 4 which generally occurs due to corrupted or damaged system files in QuickBooks. In this essay we shall discuss relating to this error so that you can manually fix it.

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The signs of QuickBooks Event Log Error 4
Signs and symptoms of QuickBooks Event Log Error 4 are as follow:

A mistake message aided by the error code gets displayed on the screen:
QuickBooks EventID 4 – An Unexpected Error has Occurred in QuickBooks: Returning NULL QBWinInstance Handle

QuickBooks Event-ID 4 Error Message - Screenshot
The running window crashes suddenly
QuickBooks freezing could be seen frequently
QuickBooks not responding or works at snail’s pace
Another symptom could be if the system system starts crashing over and over
System not responding to keyboard inputs
There could be various causes of the log error nonetheless it more often than not it is caused due to the .NET Framework 4.0 SP1 that will cause troubles within the Windows 7 operating system.

What triggers QuickBooks event Log Error 4?
QuickBooks event log error 4 may be generally seen due to .NET Framework 4.0 SP 1 issues, if you're Microsoft Windows 7 OS user. However, there are more factors as well that might end in this kind of error:

If the QuickBooks company file is corrupted.
Or in case of damaged QuickBooks company file.
Trojan attack could be another factor causing this type of error.
If the windows registry has caused some sort of error, then get ready to handle this issue.
It may happen that the QuickBooks files got erased by some other program maliciously.
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How to Fix the QuickBooks event Log Error 4?
Proceed with the below mentioned steps to be able to fix this error:

Very first thing to do is get on the Windows as an Administrator
Then press Windows + R simultaneously
Now, within the Run box, type Control and hit OK key to start the control board
Once done, you must go  into the Program and Features section or Add/Remove programs window. An individual is also needed to consider that if he/she types appwiz.cpl within the text field associated with Run Window, then hit OK, this system and features window will open up directly.
Now locate the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 through the installed program list after which Uninstall it after highlighting it.

After it was uninstalled completely, restart your personal computer
Again, you must open the control board and go to the Program and Features section
Now go through the Add Remove Windows Features through the left side of one's window, to see
The Windows Feature window will be from the screen
Expand the .NET Framework to start to see the Microsoft .NET 3.5.
Mark first and second options and hit the OK tab.
Now the .NET Framework 3.5 will get installed in your system
Once it is installed you need to click on Finish to get rid of the method
Finally, restart the body to save lots of the changes.
Steps to be followed, in the event that error continues
Just in case the error continues to appear, then if so the user is supposed to adhere to the steps stated below:

To begin with, update QuickBooks to your latest available version. If the software crashes while logging in, then download the update through the Intuit’s QuickBooks website.
Within the next step, an individual is supposed to download QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool through the official website.
Download QuickBooks Installation Diagnostic Tool - Screenshot
And down the road, run the tool. However, before running the tool, an individual is needed to close the opened programs.
Followed by rebooting the machine.
Also, check perhaps the error continues.
In the event that error still persists, then in that case reinstall QuickBooks accounting software with the aid of clean install tool. The user is needed to ensure that user has installation CD and license number, so that you can reinstall the application before uninstalling the same. Also, make sure to take a backup associated with company file before performing the job.
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By using the above mentioned steps it is simple to fix the QuickBooks Event log error 4 manually. However, if you should be not able to do it all on your own you then should get in touch with QuickBooks enterprise tech support experts who can make suggestions through the complete process to eliminate the matter as well as share tips and tricks to prevent such errors in the near future. The good thing is these experts are very well trained and therefore are available 24/7 to produce you the required assistance.



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